NeuroMatrix (Level 3)

NeuroMatrix (Level 3)
Action, shooter, puzzle, escape the room, first person view video game for Windows PC.

Somewhere in space, you find yourself trapped in a strange facility controlled by an A.I named NEO. What is this cold and hostile place? And what is the purpose of this A.I? There doesn't seem to be a way out and you just have one thing in mind ... escape! Will you be the first to get out to communicate the secret code? If you are the first, you will have the chance to add your name to the leaderboard. Buy the game only once, and play new levels for years to come.

How to Play
1- Buy the Game.
2- Play the Game to find the 6 Digits Code Number.
3- Write the code number on the Discussion board
4- Your username will appear on the leaderboard if you have the right code.

When someone find the code, a new level with a new puzzle is uploaded to replace the old one. This is usually done inside 2 to 3 days, and an announcement is made, so get ready for the next level!

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